Innovate with GDPR!

Augment your customer knowledge and your services
thanks to data portability

Augment customer knowledge by allowing them to import data coming from third party services of your choice (internal services or partners)

Become a services hub by allowing your customers to export data seamlessly to complementary third party services (internal services or partners)

Offer control to your users with a portability tool based on consent.

The new GDPR right to portability

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective since may 2018. The fine can be up to 4% of your global turnover.

GDPR introduces the new right to data portability. Thanks to GDPR a person has now the right to receive data he has given to a service in order to transfer it to an another service.

Le RGPD, ou le droit de recevoir et de transmettre ses données pour l'individu

There can be two cases:


A person will be able to transfer his data from a service to its competitor. Competition portability will make markets more fluid and it is still time to prepare.

ex: allowing a user to switch from a music streaming platform to another.

A person will be able to transfer his data between complementary services that will interconnect in a seamless manner. Cooperation portability will foster innovative use cases and develop partnerships ecosystems.

ex: a user will be able to transfer his music playlists to a concert ticket e-commerce website.

Portability allows harmonious interconnection of online services in the respect of the individual and GDPR.

How is portability useful?

  • Food

    Transfering food purchases to online recipes and food services will foster a healthy diet.

  • Mobility

    Allowing data to circulate easily between services (train, plane, carsharing, etc.) will optimize travels.

  • Job seeking

    Reuse of job and education data between platforms will improve job seeking.

But also...

All domains are concerned and there is an infinit amount of use cases!

What does Onecub offer?

Onecub is a data portability tool allowing your user:

  • to receive data from third party services
  • to transfer data to third party services
  • to keep control over their data circulation

Onecub provides an integrated and controlled data portability solution. You wish to enforce data exchanges between different internal services of your company or with partner services: Onecub’s architecture allows you to provide it in a fast and affordable manner while offering an easy management of your partnerships.

Onecub helps you in your overall GDPR approach and allows you to transform the right to portability into an innovation opportunity.


Onecub offers to help you, thank to its expertise, into your portability approach. We can provide you:

  • an evaluation of your GDPR portability compliance
  • an opportunity study
  • a feasibility study

Onecub solution

1 -

Your users click on IMPORT or EXPORT buttons directly integrated into your service interface

Onecub import button
Onecub export button
Onecub popup

Demonstration image

2 -

A Onecub popup appears into your service and allows your user to give consent to portability

3 -

Your user can control his data circulation, if he wishes to, through his Onecub portability accountt

Sharing center

Demonstration image

Why choosing Onecub?

Portability is a real opportunity for innovation but your users need to control their data circulation in order to keep trusting their online services. Thanks to Onecub your users will exerce their right to portability in a simple manner and without changing their habits. Onecub will also allow them to centralize data management while data itself will still be decentralized.

Our values:

  • Onecub proposes a business oriented vision of portability that becomes an innovation opportunity.
  • Onecub applies Privacy by Design principles in accordance with GDPR and a user centric approach.
  • Onecub is neutral and agnostic. Onecub’s unique purpose is portability. Data that circulates via Onecub between services are not exploited by Onecub, the final service is always yours.

Onecub is an active member of VRM, MesInfos and My Data communities. Onecub has been a part of the Startup Garage From Facebook program at Station F Paris. Within its association PrivacyTech regrouping the main French privacy actors, Onecub is the leader of a portability standardization project called Portability Commons and supported by the French parliament. Onecub partners with and Vaughan lawyers office.

They trust us

SNCF Développement Bpifrance Startup Garage Paris from Facebook CNIL PrivacyTech Station F MyTroc Citeasy Visions My Data is Rich Ville de Calais Vaughan Avocats SNCF Développement Bpifrance Startup Garage Paris from Facebook CNIL PrivacyTech Station F MyTroc Citeasy Visions My Data is Rich Ville de Calais Vaughan Avocats

Business Model

Setup cost for S1 and S2
S1 and S2 pay Onecub based on transfer volume
S2 pays S1 for data access and Onecub gets a commission
The service is free for the end user

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