Transform GDPR’s new right to Portability into an opportunity

Interconnection of services with the user

Data Portability is not only a legally binding requirement, it is also the most disruptive aspect of the regulation.

We can help you in your approach and allow you to enforce an innovative and GDPR compliant Portability.


GDPR introduces the new right for personal data portability. The right aims at allowing the individual to make its data circulate easily from one online service to another.

There can be two cases:


A person will be able to transfer his data from a service to its competitor. Competition portability will make markets more fluid and it is still time to prepare.

ex: allowing a user to switch from a music streaming platform to another.

A person will be able to transfer his data between complementary services that will interconnect in a seamless manner. Cooperation portability will foster innovative use cases and develop partnerships ecosystems.

ex: a user will be able to transfer his music playlists to a concert ticket e-commerce website.

Portability allows harmonious interconnection of online services in the respect of the individual and GDPR.

Customized support

You wish to enforce an innovative and GDPR compliant right to portability?

Onecub offers you customized support in order to help you in your approach, at every step of your project.

  • Portability right
    Are you compliant?
  • Solutions for portability
    What are the possible solutions for portability?
  • Opportunity study
    What are the best portability use cases for your company?
  • Use cases co-design
    What is the best user experience for portability?
  • Partnerships
    With which other actors can you propose portability?
  • Architecture and security
    How to make data portable and secure the process?
  • Portability standards
    Which standard can you rely on?
  • Privacy
    How to best protect it?
  • Communication
    How to best talk publicly about your approach?

All industries are concerned!

Why choosing Onecub?

Onecub is a French startup created in 2011 by Olivier Dion with the vision to empower individuals with their data. Onecub is an active member of VRM, MesInfos and My Data communities since its creation. Onecub raised funds with SNCF Développement in 2014 in order to participate in a economic redynamisation program in the north of France (Calais). Onecub contributes to the development of a local startup and innovation ecosystem since then. In 2017 Onecub was choosen by Facebook to participate in the first worldwide Facebook startup program (Startup Garage) at Station F Paris.

Within the PrivacyTech community regrouping the key actors of privacy in France, Onecub is a leader in the standardization of portability with the project “Portability Commons” supported by the French parliament.

Onecub is also a partner of

Our Work

Portability Commons

In 2019 PrivacyTech launches a standardization project for portability that aims at proposing a general technical standard, a methodology and a governance for portability. This project is supported by the supported by the French parliament.

If you want to know more please contact

Identification of innovative use cases

Since 2017, Onecub and his partner SNCF Développement publish each year the white book FrenchTech Generation which maps the top 1000 most innovative French startups:

Onecub largely participated in the constitution of an accurate startup database and reuses it to propose portability use cases based on those actors (+1500) from various domains (Food, Finance, Retail, travel, etc.). Many of them are interested to propose you portability use cases.

Data portability solution

Onecub is currently building portability for multiple companies (mobility, finance, health).