Onecub user data are protected by scopes. A scope is a permission setting that specifies an access to a user's non-public data.
There are two types of scopes: resources and filters.


The scopes identifiers are simply strings that represent a scope.

Resource Filters
product adult animals auto_moto beauty_health books_stationery_multimedia grocery high-tech house_handiwork mode sports_leisure ticketing toys_children video_games
travel bus carpool plane taxi * train
website administration clothing computing connected_objects dating development_tools e-commerce energy finance food health high-tech house immovable insurance job kitchen music pet_shop phone_operator press private_sales restoration social_network sport study ticketing travel video_games
groceries drive-through home_delivery

When you sign up for Onecub Connect, you must specify the resources that you want with the corresponding filters.

When the user arrives at the authorize endpoint, he can see precisely which data you want to access to.


Data I need from my users Scopes to send when you sign up What your users will see on the authorization page
  • all the products
  • the travels by train and by plane
  • product
  • travel:train
  • travel:plane